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Our Specials

French Bread Sandwiches

Looks big? Don’t hesitate our french bread cuban sandwiches are the best thing you can ever have for lunch

Best dip ever

Olive oil is the Mediterranean oil and you can discover why trying our dip, before your dinner. And don’t worry first round is on us!

Fresh Pasta

Our 15 year experience speak for us. Alfredo Sauce, Marinara, Diabola… no matter the sauce, our secret is on the pasta

Prime Rib

Every Friday and Saturday evening one of our specials is Prime Rib. Baked with low fire you will never forget its favour.

Homemade Chips

No matter the day, if you are having lunch at Pasqualino’s ask for our home made chips as an aside. You are going to love them.

Fine wine

If you want you can have our food choosing one of our wines, we have a really exclusive offer that you might enjoy. Do you preffer beer? We also have the best products from our local brewberies.

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